Top 120 Articles for Fellows

Our goal was to compile a list of the most current and landmark articles that every sports medicine fellow should read by the end of fellowship in order to further their education. Our working group will work to update sections annually.  Thank you to all of the contributors and reviewers for all of their great work! Click here for the list of contributors and reviewers.

Clicking on the sections below will bring you to a list of articles and clicking on the articles will get you to the electronic journal citation.  If your institution has a subscription, then you will be able to download a copy.  Click here for a quick access master list with links to the articles.

Altitude and Diving


Compartment Syndrome


Connective Tissue/Rheumatologic Diseases

Elbow and Forearm



ENT and Eye

Exercise for Prevention and Treatment of Disease

Exertional Rhabdomyolysis and other Exercise-Induced Conditions

Exercise Physiology

Female Athletic Triad

Foot and Ankle

Geriatric Athletes

GI and GU

Hand and Wrist



Hematological Diseases

Hip and Thigh

Infections and Dermatology


Low Back


Nerve Disorders

Pediatric Athletes

Performance Enhancing Drugs

Pre-Participation Physicals

Pulmonary Disorders


Stress Fractures

Other Important Sports Medicine Articles

We are looking for more future contributors and reviewers for this list. Email us at if you want to help!

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