Sports Medicine Apps

Free Sports Medicine Apps:
Pedia BP (pediatric BP app for PPEs)
Memorial Hermann IRONMAN Sports Medicine (rehab, tips, weather)
Rehabilitation for Lower Limbs (exercises and rehab)
SCAT2 - Sport Concussion Assessment Tool (no current app for SCAT5)
CDC Heads Up (helmet fitting, general concussion information)
Trigger Points (pictures of trigger point pain patterns)
LightCalc (lightning calculator)
MyRadar (radar weather app)
OSHA Heat Tool (good for checking humidity and warning levels)
AthleticTaping (educational app teaching taping techniques)
Stretch HD (stretching videos to show your patients/athletes)

Paid Sports Medicine Apps:
Visible Body (anatomy app)
Essential Anatomy (anatomy app)
Monster Anatomy (anatomy app)
5 minute sports medicine consult (textbook app)
AAOS Sports Medicine Field Manual (iBooks/Google Play)

Ultrasound Apps:
Ohio State POC U/S (free)
Pocket EUS (free)

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    1. We thought so too! Thanks for sharing these sports medicine apps. We'll be trying them at our office in Houston, Texas. We love working with all athletes and all ages.

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